Whois.com.au is an Australian domain, hosting and brand protection provider specialising in essential tools such as WHOIS, trademark and business lookups.

Whois.com.au provides all the essential tools for new domain name registration, website hosting and expert tools and services.

Australia’s leading WHOIS website

High Performance hosting

With a better architecture in place, you are sure to see better
performance on your hosted websites

WHOIS Lookup

Find contact and nameserver
details for a domain.

DNS Lookup

Look up DNS records
for a domain


Check routes with visual

RBL lookup

Real-time blackhole
list lookup

IP Lookup

View information about
an IP address

ABR lookup

Search the ABR
by business name.

ABN Lookup

Lookup by number

ACN Lookup

ABR Lookup by ACN/ASIC


Available on
Google Android