Dreamscape Networks five core values represent the principles and beliefs that have guided our company throughout the years. These values are reflected in employees' decisions and actions every day.


One of the most important lessons in life and business is the need to be authentic and honest. A customer, supplier or contractor who is dealing with Dreamscape Networks expects a certain standard of communication.

They will judge whether they can trust us almost immediately and if they cannot trust us, then we will very rarely get a second chance.

It is therefore imperative that when we interact with someone, we make certain that we’re always genuine. If we don’t know the answer then be honest! We genuinely apologise or clearly communicate the situation, and then we make our best effort to get an answer or resolution to their query as soon as humanly possible.

This will be appreciated a lot more than excuses, or being given incorrect information.

It is very easy to give up on certain tasks and put them aside for a while, before possibly totally forgetting about them. It’s human. We’re all human. Or most of us are.

We are fighters, and not just your average person. This immediately makes us different from other companies. It's a point of difference, our unique selling point.

We should do everything in our power to get the task or job at hand completed or executed on time and should never, ever give up because it’s too hard.

We are young, dynamic, and always striving to get the job done as best as we can. We maintain high energy levels, we don't accept mediocrity, and we have a healthy fear of failure so we’re always motivated and striving to be the very best we can be. We’re like superheroes without the silly outfits. Again, most of us.


None of the core values will have any break through if we’re not passionate. Think about the most successful people we know. The one attribute that stands out amongst all of these successful people is they are passionate! They are passionate about what they do, and it’s their passion that makes them successful.

They are passionate about their profession like no one else, they love and breathe their profession and so should we. If we’re not passionate about our roles then it becomes extremely challenging all too often. It is too hard without passion! Do what you love and love what you do.

Passion creates a winning culture which breeds self-worth and self-esteem. Passion is contagious and infectious and people are drawn to it. Make sure we catch it.


Be exceptional at what we’re doing. Don't just be good, be excellent! Do everything, all of the time, to the best of our ability.

The most successful people in the world are not born excellent. Sure, OK, yes they have a natural talent, but that only gets them so far. Dreamscape Networks can see the potential and natural talent: but that’s not enough, you need to work hard to fine tune your skills to be excellent.

This skill is as much up to us, as it is up to our trainers to develop and coach. The elite sports people and astronauts we look up to train hard, every day. Sometimes they are coached, other times they are training themselves. But the reason they train is so when it's time for them to step up they have done everything in their power to succeed!

Be excellent about everything related to our roles. Be excellent in our knowledge, be excellent in our accuracy, be excellent with our organisation, be excellent in everything; this is how we become the best! It’s not easy, but we’re all in it together and we all have each other’s backs. We’re like the A-Team, but decide for yourself who gets to be Murdoch.


Remember we all need to have some fun. Work can be stressful at times, and fun enables us to break down the stress and take issues that arise with less anxiety.

Dreamscape Networks always tries to celebrate our successes. Please make certain we all savour these important moments and take the time to celebrate ours together. Participate, and enjoy the feeling of hitting targets, reaching milestones or personal achievements.

We want everyone to experience a fun and friendly environment, so let's enjoy the journey together, work hard and have some fun along the way.