Each key person comes with different complementary strengths, but we are united by a burning passion to make it easier for anyone to succeed online by way of our great products and services.

Mark Evans
Chief Executive Officer

Mark comes with extensive corporate experience. Previously the CEO of an international security countermeasures company, Mark was responsible for Asia-Pacific distribution agreements with Korean manufacturers of technology and Internet based security products.

Continuing his move up the corporate ladder, Mark moved on to a very successful long-term career in Sales & Marketing for one of Australia's largest most admired billion dollar private companies. Here, Mark was renowned for his precise planning, strategy and execution, as well as the building of highly successful teams with winning cultures.

Since being appointed CEO, Mark has proven himself as a true leader of Dreamscape Networks. Soon after his arrival, the company experienced the rapid global growth that has cemented its status as a market leader.

Tony Sparks
Company Secretary

Tony is a Chartered Accountant and Senior Executive with over 25 years’ experience in strategic, financial, taxation, company secretarial and corporate matters in various organisations and industries.

Tony was recently the Chief Financial Officer for a privately owned resources company with a $3bn project, has previously held the position of Managing Director for an Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Listed company, and has over 10 years’ experience as a Company Secretary and the Chief Financial Officer for various ASX Listed companies.

Tony was appointed in late February 2016 as Group Finance Director and will oversee all aspects of the Group’s financial management, financial reporting, corporate and company secretarial matters.

Gavin Gibson
Chief Operations Officer

Gavin comes from a strong technical background, operating as the CTO for a number of IT companies prior to joining Dreamscape Networks.

Having been involved with Dreamscape and its subsidiary projects since inception, Gavin has worked closely with all aspects of operations from support, HR, design and development, to project and product management, marketing, PR and management.

With his broad knowledge and experience, Gavin combines a clear vision and overview of day-to-day operations with an ability to tackle any arising challenges. Gavin expertly manages the build and implementation of Dreamscape’s internal systems to improve speed, efficiency, profitability and overall customer experience.

Ryan Tabbara
Founder – Europe

Ryan is Dreamscape Network's Founder; globally overseeing innovation and product development across all of Dreamscape’s brands, including data platform products. With twenty years of international experience, Ryan has built applications for Fortune 500 companies.

Managing and administering all development and engineering within Dreamscape’s group of companies, Ryan oversees multiple engineering, development and design teams.

Lauren Lever
Chief Digital Officer

Lauren is a Digital native, coming with nearly 20 solid years of experience across Pan-European and Asia Pacific regions, specialising in HCD, Design Thinking and Digital Transformation.

Having successfully led multiple cross-functional Design and Development teams, Lauren has been responsible for delivering award-winning cross channel strategies and omni-channel experiences.

With large brands operating in multiple markets Lauren’s in-depth experience of designing for customers first includes ANZ, VicSuper, Microsoft, Australian Red Cross, Virgin Atlantic, Fosters’ Group and Opodo.

This background is already helping Lauren to implement best user experience across all Dreamscape properties, creating an internal culture of innovation, increasing our profitability and overall brand loyalty.

John Jervis Lee
Vodien COO & Co-Founder

As the Co-Founder and COO of Vodien Internet Solutions, John is responsible for all aspects of operations, from sales, HR, infrastructure, technical support, and customer care for Vodien.

With his razor-sharp business acumen, John works closely with all divisions of Vodien, making sure that the company continually provides competitive products that deliver tremendous value and service to customers, keeping it in the fore-front of the industry.

Known for his acute sense of detail and astuteness, John has introduced and executed on strategies that have grown Vodien to be a lean, systematic, high-performing business organisation that is leading its market.

Sharon Sam
Group Financial Controller

As Dreamscape Networks’ Group Financial Controller, Sharon Sam identifies and proposes recommendations for essential operational efficiencies and improvements to working practices and procedures, and is responsible for all aspects of the Dreamscape’s daily financial activities across all offices.

Sharon comes with substantial experience in finance, working for the past 20 years implementing and maintaining effective internal accounting controls, company policies and procedures, as well as operational reporting.

Bringing with her a solid background with Big 4 accounting firms, including PWC and KPMG, Sharon is responsible for establishing and monitoring the performance of each functional and geographical finance teams within the business.

John Tamang
Global Support Manager

John oversees all daily operations, and is proactive in his approach to never ending improvement within our customer service area.

Heavily involved in the recruitment of new talent, John leads by example while professionally managing all Team Leaders, and other key personnel. John’s growth within the company has given him in depth knowledge and experience, which is invaluable to the overall customer experience.

With a primary goal to give BIW (Best in World) service, John aims to make a lasting impression for each and every one of Dreamscape Networks’ many customers.

Nihal Acharigae
Head of Strategic Partnerships

Nihal brings to Dreamscape Networks a decade of experience from technology consulting to the eCommerce space where he worked with companies on designing and implementing business and eCommerce strategy, strategic marketing and business expansion plans.

As Head of Strategic Partnerships, Nihal is responsible for identifying and implementing commercially viable partnerships and strategic marketing initiatives to drive growth for Dreamscape Networks.

Known for negotiating and setting up effective regional partnerships, Nihal has brokered and structured successful deals for organisations including Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, ANZ, DBS, AXA, Nestle, UnderArmour, Muji, Calvin Klein, Uniqlo, and Timberland.

Egor Kozyrev
Web Development Manager – Europe

Egor is the Web Development Manager for all Dreamscape Networks' projects, responsible for developing and managing the core UI technology and architecture.

Egor graduated from Sumy State University, Ukraine with a Master’s diploma with honors from the Faculty of Informatics. Having worked across Europe for a range of online enterprises and successful start-ups, Egor brings his unique skillset to Dreamscape to drive industry leading design philosophies and methodology.

Vasiliy Shcherbatiuk
Admin Manager

Vasiliy is a key asset in the technical area of Dreamscape Networks’ operations, creating an essential synergy between departments.

Responsible for research and development, planning, management and maintenance of state-of-the-art systems, software and products in the company’s multi-platform environment, Vasiliy works in conjunction with coordinating the maintenance of existing network and system architecture.

A driving force behind the process of implementing new hardware, software and technologies, Vasiliy is as essential as the technology in our evolving industry

Luke Doherty
Information Security Officer

Luke is Dreamscape's Information Security Officer, responsible for providing leadership, direction and support around the company's Information Security Management System.

Bringing 10 years of experience and enthusiasm in web development, Luke was instrumental in growing the development department from a small team into an international powerhouse, and in the hiring, setup and training of Dreamscape's European development division.

With a passion for Computer Science, Luke has experience working with technologies ranging from physics simulations to 3D game engines and online community building, combining his interests in Dreamscape with a commitment to professional excellence in web development and security.

Alex Chizhov
Development Manager – Europe

Alex is an honours engineering graduate in the field of Business Automation and Industrial processes, bringing to Dreamscape Networks more than 12 years of experience with multiple business platforms and the best in automated systems and usability.

A key driving force behind the company’s development teams, Alex’s leadership has proven itself in Dreamscape’s European head development office where he has helped make the impossible a reality

Brendan Smith
Development Manager – Asia Pacific

Brendan is a qualified senior developer with over 10 years professional experience working on both front and back end systems across a broad spectrum of industries.

Brendan is the lead System Development Director specialising in Domains, DNS, Registries and is responsible for application performance and architecture across all our network, ensuring all systems are running glitch free

A passionate member of the company’s senior development team, Brendan has been committed to Dreamscape for almost a decade and continues with a passion for success in his area.