about search booster

There's no point having a great business or website if nobody can find you!
Search Booster gives your website greater visibility, using automatic search engine submission
combined with SEO standards to achieve a higher ranking.


  • Improve ranking

    Achieve higher rankings with personalised optimisation tailored for your business.

  • Increase traffic

    Submit to multiple search engines and directories and be found within all listings.

  • Listing guaranteed

    Expert suggestions guarantees your site listing within all major search engines.

step by step

  • Submit your site

    Search Booster does the boring, time-consuming work of search engine submission and re-submission. Live updates will apply new tools, search listings and directories as they are available to your account, ensuring you’re always one step ahead.

  • Optimise your site

    Search Booster will optimise all aspects of your site that search engines use to determine where to place your site in their listings. Providing you with step-by-step wizards and suggestions, Search Booster works hard to maximise the best results for your site.

Features you'll enjoy

Search Booster comes complete with all the necessary tools and guides to help
achieve your search engine ranking goals.

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