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Dreamscape Networks Limited (the Company) is to acquire the Dreamscape Networks Group of companies (the Group) upon completion of an Offer and Share Sale Agreement.

The Company will seek to raise monies via the issue of Shares which will facilitate the listing of the Company on the ASX and fund the cash component of the acquisition of the Dreamscape Networks Group of companies as well as fund growth initiatives to expand the Group’s business.

The Group is a provider of online services designed to help small to medium sized businesses (SMB’s) establish, manage and grow their business. The company services 509,000 active subscribers (1.5m total members) globally with a comprehensive yet growing suite consisting of products and services within 3 core pillars: domains; hosting; and solutions.

The purpose of the Offer is to:

  • Fund the cash component of the Acquisition of the Group;
  • Identify and acquire complementary businesses and products;
  • Expand the Group’s business into targeted English speaking Asian countries;
  • Accelerate product development;
  • Enhance global operations and infrastructure.


The Group has key strengths in the following areas

Leading brand for .au

Dreamscape Networks’ main brand is Crazy Domains, which after a successful marketing campaign in 2009, became the .au Domain market leader in 2010, with approximately 20% market share.
Crazy Domains is now the #1 brand in Australia with approximately 30% of the .au market (as at June 2016).

Proven subscription model provides future revenue visibility due to upfront payment of products and services

Products and services are sold on a subscription basis for terms between 1 and 10 years with an average term of 2 years. These are all paid in full, in advance, providing substantial cash flow benefits for the Company and revenue visibility into the future.

Cost effective customer acquisition and operations

Through a combination of experience, economies of scale and a multi-segment/channel approach to its market, Dreamscape Networks has the ability to acquire and maintain customers very cost effectively. In particular, lower customer acquisition costs are achieved through efficient online marketing, increased brand equity, high quality customer service, word of mouth referrals and a low cost operational environment in Cebu, Philippines.

Significant re-marketing, cross-sell and up-sell platform

Using continued data-mining and member profiling, Dreamscape Networks has internally developed an array of systems and processes by which it can optimise the exposure of relevant products and services to each of its new and existing customers.

Established accreditations and partnerships

Dreamscape Networks maintains a vast array of accreditations and partnerships in addition to its own in house developed software and products. Many of these accreditations and partnerships represent a significant barrier to entry into the market and as such limit the competitive landscape providing Dreamscape Networks with an advantage in maintaining its growth within its chosen market segments.

Focus on technical support, customer care and sales

Dreamscape Networks owns and operates a custom built technical support, customer care and sales centre in Cebu, Philippines which is focussed on providing best in world practice. This centre currently has approximately 253 staff members and has capacity for approximately 370 staff. At the conclusion of the 2016 financial year the centre was handling approximately 50,000 customer interactions per month through telephone, email and chat support. Staff are predominantly sourced from local IT focussed universities and undergo an extensive in house training program.

Consistent track record of growth

The Group has a proven track record of both revenue and earnings growth.

Significant addressable markets

There are significant addressable markets for the provision of the Group’s products and services in English speaking Asian countries and existing markets.

People and culture

Dreamscape Networks’ five core values; Genuine, Relentless, Passion, Excellence and Fun, represent the principles and beliefs that have guided the company throughout the years. This is reinforced by an ongoing commitment to and investment in the future of the business through continuous staff training (including staff wellbeing) and investment in staff amenities and facilities. We employ a large number of dedicated IT professionals globally within technical support, customer care, sales, product development, and system and network engineering.
The Group aims to offer a unique culture with a social emphasis to keep staff happy and motivated with a drive towards a five star working environment.

Experienced management team with strong track record

The Company and the Group’s management has:

  • experience in building successful teams and multi-million dollar companies;
  • long term experience and networks within the Information Technology space, specifically the domain name and hosting industry;
  • significant sales and marketing experience; and
  • prudent financial management demonstrated by growing the company from inception to $55 million in forecast FY17 Bookings with zero external funding or investment.

Experienced, high quality independent directors

The Company has appointed experienced, high quality independent Directors, namely; non-executive Chairman Mr Peter James, and non-executive Directors Michael Malone and Evan Cross.

GROWTH & Expansion

The Company and the Group have prioritised 6 key areas of growth

  • Targeted marketing within its existing markets to increase customer acquisition;
  • International expansion into high growth markets;
  • Acquisitions of complementary businesses and products;
  • Further development of in-house sales team for up-selling, cross-selling and new product marketing;
  • Customer care to increase retention, renewals and word of mouth referrals;
  • Accelerate development of new and refreshed products.