about net logistics

Net Logistics’ premium hosting services are underpinned by state of the art network infrastructure, carefully selected data centre providers and our redundant network uplinks.

Premium Hosting Services

Advanced technology is not the entire equation when it comes to providing world-class web hosting. After all, even though high-end servers make for a great hosting experience, those servers are only as good as the team that supports them. Empowered hosting comes about only when sufficiently advanced technology is combined with sufficiently impressive support staff, administrative staff, and management. Of course, all of that has to be combined in the most optimal way possible. And, it has to work efficiently too — particularly given the time critical nature of ensuring reliable performance and high server uptimes.

net logistics premium hosting provider

the network & infrastructure

All of our servers are located in premium Australian datacentres

Over the past few years, Net Logistics has invested a significant amount of resources into expanding and upgrading our network.

Equinix SY2 and Equinix SY3 each have a primary connection provided by Nextgen Networks and a backup link provided by Vocus. Net Logistics also peers with Equinix Exchange.

Part of this expansion involved Net Logistics deploying several private 10Gbps fibre links between our infrastructure in Equinix SY2 and Equinix SY3 data centres. This link has effectively doubled our network uplink redundancy. For example, if there was an issue with our network connectivity in Equinix SY3, we could route all traffic over our private link to use our core network in Equinix SY2, and vice versa.