In accordance with the requirements of the Australian Securities Exchange ( ASX) and its listing rules ( ASX Listing Rules), the Company has considered the ASX’s Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations to determine an appropriate system of control and accountability to best fit its business and operations, and intends to follow these recommendations in a manner appropriate for its size and operations.


Dreamscape Networks’ Corporate Governance Statement outlines the Corporate Governance practices adopted by the Board of Directors. The Board is committed to conducting the Company’s business in accordance with a high standard of corporate governance commensurate with its size, operations and the industry within which it participates.

Continuous disclosure

Dreamscape Networks is committed to ensuring all stakeholders have equal and timely access to information made available by the company. The company is required to comply with the continuous disclosure requirements of the ASX Listing Rules and the Corporations Act.

Code of Conduct and ethics

Dreamscape Networks Code of Conduct outlines the standards of conduct expected of Dreamscape’s business and personnel in a range of circumstances. In particular, the Code requires awareness of, and compliance with, laws and regulations relevant to Dreamscape ’s other policies and procedures.